#9: Bad Pun

So, um, yeah... You blending in yet?



    • wroguard

      Oh thanks! Simple is sometimes better, I agree! However, you must understand that this relationship between the toaster and the blender is quite complex. You see, the blender was new to the kitchen and the toaster was trying to get him to mix a little with the other appliances. Try as he might, he couldn’t blend. He just couldn’t. I mean, it wasn’t his fault: the fridge was cold and the over thought she was too hot for him. Even food didn’t respect him; they had witnessed what he had done to their kind and wanted nothing to do with him (smoothies are a disturbing reality for fruits). So, he was singled out and picked on.
      One day, on a whim, the toaster, also trying to fit in, made fun of the blender. Burnt him good. The appliances laughed. (I don’t get kitchen humour, but I can assume it was pretty bad)
      The blender really felt alone at that point.
      Still, the toaster felt terrible for having lost control of his gauges and burning his shelf partner.
      So the next day, instead of burning the blender once again, he came back and finally asked him if he had blended in lately (as seen in the picture). The toaster’s terrible pun on the blender’s incapability to interact with others was for some reason well received. I would have to guess that the feeble attempt at humor was some form of an apology. From then on, both the toaster and the blender blended well together. (Anyway, that’s what I assume happened. I very well could be crazy.)

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